Herbal Tea

Herbal teas do not contain caffeine but minerals and vitamins instead. The tea can be enjoyed at day or night time. It is an infusion of one or multiple herbs and/or spices, often used for health benefits. Enjoy with a spoonful of honey.

  Herbal Tea "Relax"
100g / € 4.80

This tea blend is known to help relax the body and calm the mind. A combination of nettle leaves, birch leaves, mistletoe, lemon grass, bean shells and whitethorn berries results in a smooth and soothing evening beverage. Rich in ironandantioxidants.
Brew 6-10 min



  Herbal Tea "Bed of Roses "
100 g / € 4.70

Flowery herbal tea blend.
Rose buds, raspberry and blackberry leaves, nettle, fennel, dandelion, melissa, rosehips, strawberry leaves, liquorice, calendula and peppermint - this lovely blend is calming and a feast for the senses!
Brew 6-10 min


Lovely Day

  Lapacho / Pau d'Arco
100 g / € 4.50

Our Lapacho is made entirely from the inner lining of the
South American Pau d'Arco tree. Lapacho was one of the
chief remedies of the Inca, and they regarded it as the "tree
of life". Lapacho is sought after for its many reputed health
benefits. It has a mild taste and faint spicy notes.
Brew 8-12 min

Nana Mint

  Lapacho / Pau d'Arco Vanilla
100 g / € 4.90

Flavoured with natural vanilla aroma, this infusion has a very
pleasant and slightly sweet taste.
Brew 8-12 min


Nana Mint

  Four Seasons Tea
100 g / € 4.80
An all-rounder, loved by young and old alike. Elderberries and rosehips contain Vitamin C, aniseed, fennel, peppermint and melissa work on immunity, good digestion and well being, and the lovely raspberry and blackberry leaves help with colds and sore throats.
Brew 6-10 min



  Ayurveda Herbal Tea "Wellbeing"
100g / € 4.40

Rosehip shells, hibiscus, apple bits, cinnamon,
wine berries, blueberries
Brew 6-10 min



  Ayurveda Herbal Tea "Ginseng Vital"
100 g / € 4.80

This Ayurveda herbal tea helps the body to stay healthy and stimulates the mind. Ginger, ginseng, tulsi herb, cardamom, pink pepper and cinnamon focus our mental abilities and eases away stress and distraction. With raspberry leaves, oats, orange and apple bits to support immunity.
Brew 6-10 min



  Mate Tea "Fit and Slim"
100g / € 4.50

Mate green, carrots bits, orange peel, cardamom,
ginger tulsi herb, dandelion, cinnamon bits, black
pepper, pinapple flavour.
Brew 6-10 min

Fit and Slim


  Moroccan Nana Mint
50 g / € 2.20

A healthy thirst-quencher with a delicious and
vitalizing spearmint taste.
Brew 6-10 min

Nana Mint