Black Tea


  Assam TGFOP "Rembeng"
100g / € 5.90

Rich, strong Assam tea with golden tips and a fine leaf, organically grown.
The second flush Assam is the best of the season and when brewed give a rich aroma, a clear dark red liquor and a typical malty taste.
Brew 2-4 min


Assam TGFOP Towkok


  Celyon BOP UVA Idulgashena
100 g / € 5.00

This is a fine aromatic and lovely high-grown Ceylon Pekoe from Uva. Light and bright in cup with a pleasant strong and harmonic flavour. One of Ceylon's finest teas, grown in a medium altitude area.
Brew 3-4 min

Ceylon St. James

  Formosa Finest Oolong
100 g / € 5.20

Halft-fermented tea, a cross between black and green teas. Oolong means 'black dragon' - a tea that fascinates with its beautiful, open and very carefully processed leaf and its flowery and slightly spicy taste.
Brew 2 - 3 min

Ceylon OP Superior


  Darjeeling first flush FTGFOPI
100g / € 5.50

An excellent early season Darjeeling, full of flavour and
aroma with a wonderful fresh and flowery bouquet. The tea
has a bright golden cup.
Brew 2-3 min



  Kenya GFOP 'Marinyn' 100g / € 4.90 €

This fine African highland tea will delight you with its highly aromatic
and rich character and its low tannin content.
Brew 2-3 min



  China Pu Erh
100 g / € 5.50
Pu Erh is a specially fermented tea, produced from large leafed
Yunnan teas. The fermentation process gives the tea its strong
earthy flavour and aroma. Pu Erh is reported to have extra health
benefits and is widely drunk in China. It has a slightly sweet taste.
Brew 2-4 min

China Pu Erh


  South Indian OP Highlands Korakundah
100 g / € 4.50


Sparkling cup, lots of flavour. Tea from the highest Garden in the
world (2700 m).
Brew 2-3 min

East Frisian


  Irish Breakfast Tea
100g / € 4.00

A combination of aromatic Assam and Sumatra teas. Strong,
smooth and greatly satisfying, a rich broken tea with a dark
brown cup. The perfect morning and afternoon tea, delicious
with a little milk and honey.
Brew 2-3 min